There is a small library at the Forestry Service Head Office at Les Casernes Curepipe. The Library has a collection of some 600 books as well as many magazines from international organization and other publications. Most of them have a bearing on Forestry, Wildlife and the Environment but there are also books on Management, Statistics and other related subjects. 
Books, magazines and publications have been classified to allow an easy system of retrieval. The manual system is still being used.  At present one officer of the Forest Range Reserves and Records (FRRR) is taking care of the library on a part time basis. The size of the library does not warrant the permanent posting of an officer.
Books and magazines are given on loan for a period of two weeks to officers of the Forestry Service with a view to broaden their knowledge, to keep in touch with new trends and development in Forestry and reference purposes.
A wide collection of reading materials related to Forestry and Wildlife are available for reference. Students, scientists, researchers and the public at large may have access to the library upon request.
Our address:
Forestry Service Library
Les Casernes
Tel: (230) 675 4966
Fax: (230) 674 3449
Opening days and hours :  Weekdays  :08.30 hrs to 12.00 hrs and 12.30 hrs to 15.00 hrs