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The Forestry Service Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security
The Forestry Service>Forestry Head Office

Forestry Head Office


​Forestry Service 
Botanical Garden Street
Les Casernes
​Tel : (230) 670 - 7254/55

​Fax :(230) 674 -3449
         (230) 674 - 0962


​Contact Details
Senior Staff​
Hours of business : Monday to Friday 08.45 - 16.00 hrs​ ​
Office ​Contact-person ​Designation
Head Office,
Botanical Garden Street​, Les Casernes, Curepipe
Mr. V. Tezoo ​Conservator of Forests​
​Tel : (230) 670 - 7254/55
​Mr. P. Khurun ​Deputy Conservator of Forests​
​Fax: 674-3449,674-0962 ​Mrs C. Cyparsade Assistant Conservator of Forests​
Mr Z. Jhumka Assistant Conservator of Forests
​Mr. I. C. Beeharry ​Divisional Forest Officer (South)
Mr. N. Nawjee Divisional Forest Officer (North)
​Mr. P. Balloo Acting Divisional Forest Officer (Central)



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